Fairfax Jugglers

Fairfax Jugglers


Thursdays, 7:30-10 PM

Key Intermediate School
6402 Franconia Road
Springfield, VA 22150

Mapquest map and driving directions

Enter parking lot at (opposite) Japonica Street. Turn right (east) and head around to the back of the building to park. Pete has had a door to the cafeteria open from the outside near entrance #6, on the east side along a sidewalk and this may be the best way in. Alternately, use entrance #5 and turn left at the first cross-hall, then look for the cafeteria on the left. If you don't see us in the cafeteria, check the gym, down the hall (going north) OR, from the east side, through entrance #5 and continue straight.

We only meet if Fairfax County Schools are holding evening activities. Check the Fairfax County Public Schools Emergency Announcements for information on school closings. School-related activities sometimes take precedence over our juggling club meetings, in which case we may be moved to an alternate room in the school or club may be cancelled. Contact the club spokes-people for the latest and greatest information about the coming week's meeting.

Map of Key with club locations marked
Specialized Google Map image courtesy of Doug Himes